Massage Therapy – Central Texas

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage involves lubrication of one’s skin with massage oil and then execution of different massage strokes that warm up and work one’s muscle tissue. That, in turn, leads to the release of tension within the tissue as well as relief of muscle knots or adhered tissues, which are also known as adhesions.

In short, a Swedish massage is intended to put muscles at ease, encourage relaxation, and promote other therapeutic benefits. A massage session incorporating this type can be customized to fit your requirements for pressure and massage techniques used.

Deep Tissue Massaging

Intended for realignment of deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues, this form of massage therapy is especially geared toward alleviating pain in chronically tense and contracted areas. Common areas with this long-lasting pain include a stiff neck, a tight low back, or stiff shoulders.

A deep tissue massage incorporates many of the same strokes as classic massage therapy. However, it also concentrates more heavily on targeting the areas of tension and pain, and the massaging itself is slower and more focused.

Trigger Point Massage

To put it simply, a trigger point is a tight area located within muscle tissue that “triggers” pain within other areas of the human body. A trigger point massage targets the source of this pain and relieves it through periods of isolated pressure and release. The client plays an active role in this massage therapy, performing deep breathing as well as specifying which areas are causing the pain.

Especially helpful for clients with chronic injuries or pain, trigger point massage therapy assuages a client’s pain by releasing constricted areas in his or her muscles. It is not unusual for one to feel a pronounced drop in his or her pain after just one session of this massage therapy type, making it a popular long-term choice for many clientele.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

A hot stone massage is an attractive massage therapy for many clientele for obvious reasons. It enhances circulation and metabolism, relieves muscle tension and stiffness, and lowers feelings of stress and/or anxiety.

In a hot stone massage session, smooth stones, which have been water-heated, are placed at strategic locations on the body for greater relaxation of muscle tissue. With the use of the hot stones, a massage can then be tailored to the individual needs of a client for the ultimate refreshing and reenergizing experience. With its therapeutic benefits, a hot stone massage is ideal for clients who have chronic pain issues and rheumatic or arthritic conditions, along with other related health problems.

Foot Reflexology

It is not uncommon for clients who are constantly on their feet or are experiencing pain in their feet to request a foot reflexology session. This massage therapy targets reflex points on the foot, incorporating stimulation of them in order to give a client a strong sensation of relaxation and overall well-being.

In a foot reflexology session, a massage therapist applies pressure to key areas within the foot using multiple different thumb, index finger, and hand techniques. These areas, called foot reflex points, correspond to different areas of the body, and when applied, help a client feel extremely at ease and let him or her enjoy other therapeutic benefits.

Prenatal Massage Therapy

Many expectant mothers opt for prenatal massages on account of the many therapeutic benefits this massage therapy type brings. A prenatal massage reduces anxiety and stress caused by hormonal changes, increases circulation, and relieves many of the trials that pregnancy brings, including neck stiffness, back pain, ongoing leg cramping, and even headaches.

In a prenatal massage session, special efforts are taken to ensure the client is well-positioned and comfortable throughout the session’s duration. Massage therapists use soft, comfortable cushions for side-length positioning so as to relieve stress on the lower back and pelvic areas as the massage is taking place. If a client is in her second trimester, it is not unusual for her to lay on her back and be elevated by a small, soft wedge for heightened support. Other massage techniques such as a Swedish massage can also be performed to address individual needs, depending on where a client is in her pregnancy as well.

15 Minute Add-ons for $25 each

  • Foot, hand, or scalp massage
  • Face and scalp massage
  • Hot rock foot massage